Lakeside Business Park is a right place for all size companies. For aviation companies we offer taylor-made and modern business premises just beyond the runway.

Multi-functional buildings for aviation industry, business or office purposes will be built on up to 23.000m2 of the area. You can come by plane, by car, by train and by boat. Good location and good telecommunications gives exceptional platform for example aviation planning and engineering department, flight training, airplane assembly.

The school for PART-147 -aircraft mechanics (SASKY) is already operating in the area. They are co-operating with Patria Avion Oy, Finnair, GA Telesis, TAMK, TTK and Finnish Air Force.

Construction of new business premises will start in 2019.

Mänttä aerodrome will be renewed in the near future.

  •  Runway, asphalt 850 m x 30 m
  •  Mogas, Avgas
  •  hangar space for rent 
  •  berths for water planes